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XYZ Email Manager

XYZ Email Manager is a comprehensive email marketing and newsletter software which includes everything you need to create, send and profit from email marketing. It is an essential PHP, MySQL based email manager script which meets all your newsletter, email advertising and marketing requirements. To find out more about benefiting using XYZ Email Manager software, continue reading. Unlimited mailing lists and subscribers : Email advertising is an inevitable marketing channel in present day business. Using XYZ Email Manager, you can create thousands of mailing lists and import your existing subscribers to these lists. You can import your subscriber information either from another database or from text based files. You may also use subscription form to add subscribers to your lists. Variety of email communications : XYZ Email Manager lets you create different kinds of email communication such as newsletters, special promotions, member notifications, customer service announcements, affiliate emails, invitations - the list goes on. Personalize your messages using unlimited custom fields : Researches in the field of email marketing have revealed that people respond better to emails that actually address them via their name. XYZ Email Manager allows you to create multiple custom fields such as first name, last name, phone number and more along with the email addresses. In this way you can store more information about contacts. You can use these custom fields in your email campaigns to personalize them. Increase your sales and revenue : Do you sell products or services from your website ? Why not use XYZ Email Manager to send follow-up emails to your potential customers once they signup for your newsletter ? You could send them a free whitepaper, more information on your products, or may be a 'subscriber-only' discount. The various ways by which you can benefit from this software are infact limited only by your imagination and creativity. Build trust with your subscribers : One of the most vital steps in the selling process is to establish a relationship based on trust with your visitors. By starting your own weekly or monthly newsletters, you are establishing your website as a reliable source of information, which helps your visitors build up their trust in you. Compliance with anti spam policies : XYZ Email Manager includes robust anti-spam features, such as opt-in email confirmation and one-click unsubscribe which eliminates the chances of your emails reaching junk folder.

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