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Nesote Enterspine HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

Nesote Enterspine empower your enterprise and act as the spine of your enterprise. It now comes with excellent HRM and CRM soloutions to enrich your enterprise. Nesote Enterspine HRM manages the employees in the efficient way while Nesote Enterspine CRM facilates your firm to keep the best customer relations. It is well suited for small scale as well as large scale enterprises. We provide free provision for using Nesote Enterspine HRM for small scale enterprises.

Employees are the most important element of every business. Their contributions play a significant role in determining the success of any organization. Nesote Enterspine HRM helps to bridge the gap between top management and employees that can really improve the capabilities of employees and thereby improve total productivity of the organization. It plays a very important role in execution of Payroll efficiently & accurately, with minimum data entry and calculation time. Its also a complete solution to track employee attendance and leave details.

Employee Information Management Manage information for employees including personal profiles, contact informations, educational qualifications, experience details, family, nominee, project details, visa, passport etc. Manage privileges for each employee based on their positions. Unlimited custom fields can be added upon requirement for handling additional employee related informations.

Leave Management System Automate leave process from application to final approval. Leave management process includes defining the leave types, assigning properties like carry over, counting holidays, allow half day leave etc, employees applying for leaves, managers approving or rejecting or forwarding the leave requests. Leaves available to each employees can be managed individually.

Attendance Management System Attendance management system allows to track and monitor employees working hours and lists out every details like in-time, out-time, total working time, early out, late in, overtime, identified shift, abnormalities etc. This helps the company management/responsible managers know that works of each employee are getting done correctly without getting into employees privacy directly. Print/Download options are available for attendance reports and mustroll.

Payroll Management System Payroll software section has been specially designed for automating payroll system. This helps to reduce the work load on finance department for calculating/managing employees salaries, produce error-free information and enhance speed in accessing payroll related information.

Recruitment & Training Recruitment management system allows organizations to achieve faster/stable recruitment process, better candidate selection procedures and complete data recording. Recruiters can be added with their assigned roles to each recruitment event. Privileged users can plan and schedule trainings on required dates and invite candidates to the created training events.

Appraisal Management Employee performance appraisals shouldn't be a dreaded task that yields a lot of paperwork and little value for your organization. Transform your appraisal process to deliver better business results and create a more engaged and productive workforce. Appraisal management systems allows to create high-value performance appraisals for all employees in an organization quickly and easily.

Grievance Management If employees have a problem, concern or complaint related to work or the work environment in an organization the Grievance management section assist to resolve those concerns.

Survey Management Survey management section is designed to give a snapshot of key factors impacting organizational performance and quality of employees work life.It helps to assess each and every employee of an organization .

Reports Report section handles the management of reports on attendance, payroll, recruitment, training, appraisal etc and it gives an overall idea of the activities in the above mentioned sections.

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