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PINDERFUL - Pinterest Clone

This is the driving force behind the latest project we have worked on: Pinderful, a Pinterest clone. First time to hear of Pinterest? You are not alone. But if you most know, this social networking site is causing quite a stir in the online world, having made the list of Experian�s Top 10 Social Networking and Forums. Launched back in March 2010, it was only recently that it took off in a big way. In fact, they were able to gain an estimated 11 million hits in just one week in December. Why Should You Pin Your Interest on a Pinterest clone? Pinterest is a social networking site, like Facebook and Twitter, which basically presents a central place where a person can organize and share online images that the user finds interesting or inspiring. Images (termed as Pins) can be placed on themed Boards. Topic or subject can range from wedding ideas to kitchen remodeling inspirations. The possibilities are endless.

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